Weight Scale

Our POS platform streamlines, business payments, by providing a. user-friendly interface for merchants to accept multiple payment methods, track sales, and manage inventory. Say goodbye to complicated payment processing and hello to a smoother business operation.

10 lb and 20 lb Scale

Soft Touch Tactile Keyboard

The scale functions as both a POS Interface Scale and Portion Control Scale. It is compact, easy to clean. Perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, farmers markets, and more.

30 lb and 60 lb Scale

High Speed Thermal Label Printing

Scale is equipped with two high quality, easy to read LCD Displays. The operator side displays are used to show Tare Weight, Unit Weight, Unit Price and Total Price on the left. The display on the right is used to display PLU names, Scrolling Messages and Programming Menus. The Double Click Call feature allows the operator to recall PLUs by double clicking the speed key instead of having to use the shift key. The Pole model comes equipped with 144 (72 x 2) quick look up keys. These keys may also be programmed to be special function keys. Achieve print speeds up to 100 mm/sec with a print resolution of 202 dpi. The removable label cartridge’s simple design allows operators a method of quickly and easily reloading labels.

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