Pin Pad

Our POS platform streamlines, business payments, by providing a. user-friendly interface for merchants to accept multiple payment methods, track sales, and manage inventory. Say goodbye to complicated payment processing and hello to a smoother business operation.

4″ Display Pin Pad

Ergonomically designed to address multiple retail use

The pinpad adheres to the latest PCI PTS 6.x and SRED payment industry security standards, features a vivid touchscreen display, and has an innovative cable design that provides high-speed Ethernet, as well as Power-Over-Ethernet or USB power. In addition to accepting standard card-based payment, the A35 is equipped to accept touch-less payments such as contactless (NFC) and QR codes. Features our latest operating system, PAXBiz® powered by Android™. Adheres to the latest PCI PTS 6.x and SRED security standards. Accepts contactless, EMV, and magnetic stripe payments. Features a vivid, four-inch capacitive touchscreen. Innovative cable design that incorporates high-speed Ethernet, RS232, and USB, as well as optional Power-Over-Ethernet

8″ Display Pin Pad

High-performance Smart Pin Pad for Payment

The ergonomic design allows pin pad to be stand mounted on any industry stand; incorporated into unattended kiosks, or used for Mobile applications. The pistol style handle, vibrant 8” display, and embedded payment module enable retail mobile applications, such as POS/line busting and ordering, as well as consumer applications, like bridal registry and self-service POS. Stand-mounted, mobile use, or unattended capabilities. 8″ HD Touchscreen Display. Multiple connectivity options

Powered by Android™

Superior durability that retailers require

With a strong performance and affordability among Android™ and traditional PIN pads, it’s a top choice for small and large retail merchants looking to offer a seamless payment experience in a small footprint.EMV®, MSR and NFC/Contactless. PCI PTS 5.x & SRED. 4.5-inch IPS Touchscreen. Dedicated Contactless.

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