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OPEN WITH CONFIDENCE, POWERED BY K9POS SYSTEM. Craft indelible customer encounters and seamless transactions within physical establishments, virtual realms, or while on the move.

The best way to make sales today

Seamless sales with K9POS

Easily boost your in-store sales with K9POS! This web-based point of sale system works effortlessly on both Andriod and PC. Whether you’re online or offline, K9POS is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a quick learning curve for your staff. It seamlessly integrates with popular payment providers and supports a variety of point of sale equipment and hardware. Simplify your sales process and keep your customers coming back for more with K9POS.

Reporting made easy with K9POS app

We have transformed the checkout process to save time and effort. Faster sales mean more customer satisfaction. Customize your interface with Quick Keys for quick access to popular products. Enjoy a user-friendly and visually appealing point of sale system that sparks conversations with customers.

The best way to make sales

Amplify your customer experience and foster loyalty program

Easily enhance your customer list and foster loyalty with a customer-facing display

Welcome customers into your world with K9POS

Effortlessly grow your customer database by using K9POS customer management in tandem with the K9POS Register Android app. Increase transparency during checkout, enabling customers to view transaction details while capturing their information seamlessly during the service.

Accelerate your checkout process with robust and versatile capabilities

Instant Buttons

Streamline your checkout process by creating personalized buttons for your most popular products. These buttons can be easily saved as templates and utilized across all of your stores.

Open Search

Effortlessly add products to the sale by entering relevant keywords or utilizing a barcode scanner. Find customers quickly by searching their name or phone number.

Customer Management

Enhance customer experience by including notes on their receipts, such as care instructions, special discounts, or targeted offers.

Sales % Off

Apply discounts to either the entire customer’s basket or specific items, making it easier to manage pricing and promotions.

Fast Checkout

Personalize your receipts by adding your logo and website. Create receipt templates in different languages or tailor them for specific purposes. Choose to email or print receipts upon completing a sale.

Accelerate your checkout process with robust

K9POS simplifies the shopping experience for your customers


Did a customer forget to include an item? Temporarily park any sale and easily retrieve it when the customer is ready to complete their transaction.


Boost your revenue and attract new customers with customizable and versatile gift cards offered through K9POS.


Give your customers the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method. Effortlessly split payments between different types or accept payments from multiple parties.


Encourage repeat business by issuing store credit instead of refunds, keeping customers engaged and coming back for more.


Simplify the process of refunding and handling returns, providing customers with the convenience and flexibility to change their minds.


Enable customers to reserve their desired items with layaway options, accept partial payments, or facilitate on-account purchases. Access customer payment history and current balances efficiently.

Achieve greater control over every transaction with enhanced features and capabilities.

Achieve greater control over every transaction with enhanced features and capabilities.​

User Profiles and Permissions

Take control of your store’s operations by creating individual user accounts and assigning specific permissions based on staff roles. Customize permissions to align with your store’s processes, ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive information.

Multi User Login

Monitor employee performance and enhance accountability by enabling user switching or requiring password authentication between sales. This feature provides flexibility while maintaining a high level of control.

Payment Management

Minimize errors, theft, and discrepancies by accurately tracking all cash-related activities, from cash float adjustments to register closures. Seamlessly handle cash withdrawals, ensuring smooth and reliable cash management.

Day Close Report

Access comprehensive daily summaries of your sales by generating printable register closure reports. Add relevant notes about the day and review totals categorized by payment type, allowing for easy reconciliation and analysis.